Here at Music Adelaide we believe that no question is a bad question, so thank you to all of you who have made it possible for us to start compiling a list of some of the more frequently asked questions, but in the meantime please continue to use the contact form to ask any questions you might have.

Most of our clients are in the same boat, having not had the experience of hiring a band before, so understandably you may have some questions. Please let us know what kind of event, about how many guests you expect, and any other info such as stylistic preferences. Don't worry if you don't have full details, we're happy to help you with more general enquiries too.

Q: What difference does the size of the band make?

A: Depending on the size of the venue and the number of guests, different sized groups will create a certain mood and impact. You'll notice that the basic message is that more musicians can provide the live energy required to entertain more people in a larger space.

A rule of thumb is that if you want the option for things to get funky and people to hit the dance floor then 5 musicians (or at least 4) should be considered the minimum ideal. Of course 4 or 5 members are still able to play with the subtlety and intimacy suitable at quieter functions or in the dinner stages of a wedding. One of the reasons to book a professional band is that they have the experience to know when to play with tasteful restraint and when to let it rip. Beware that one sign of an inexperienced band is that they are incapable of playing quietly even when the situation requires. You can rest assured that when you book Music Adelaide musicians you're booking the best in Adelaide.

Q: How much does it cost for a wedding band booking?
A: Please contact us with the location and date of your wedding and we can send you a price table outlining the cost for different sized bands and what is included in our wedding package.
Q: Is it customary for a band to be fed at a function?
A: At a function where a meal is being served it is general practice for the band to be provided with a meal (main course only, usually). This is negotiable for shorter length functions, but please note that it is standard practice at wedding receptions and parties where the band will be there for several hours. The quote given for the price of the band takes into account that the band will be fed so please speak with your caterers as soon as possible about this as it is possible to negotiate quite a reasonable rate for just mains as long as you mention it early in the booking process. The band generally eat during speeches which is usually just after the guests have eaten their main course.
Q: What is the preferred method of payment?

A1: For corporate clients bank transfer is the preferred method of payment. Cheque is accepted and credit card payment can be arranged through Paypal (a 5% surcharge applies). Cash is another alternative for those companies who wish to utilise this option.

A2: For Wedding and private clients, the intial booking deposit is usually by bank transfer and the remainder is customarily in cash paid to the band leader at the function. You may wish to delegate the respoinsibility of payment to the Best Man, a parent, or responsible friend so there is one less thing for you to worry about on the day.

Q: What styles of music do your bands play?
A: Our versatile musicians specialise in styles including: jazz (traditional, swing, modern, funky), latin, cocktail swing, funk, and lounge grooves, and classical. Essentially, we're likely to have what your looking for unless you're after a hard rock or Death Metal band.
Q: How much is a booking for a private function?

A: Several factors will affect the price of entertainment for your function: size of the band (influenced by the size of the venue, number of guests, and the desired mood), proximity to the CBD of Adelaide, length of time, whether or not the band will need to provide a P.A. system and other heavy equipment. As with everything in your life "you get what you pay for", but we at Music Adelaide believe we provide the right balance between affordability and professionalism. Please contact us with some information about your function and we'll prepare a quote for you and fine-tune the details of exactly what you'll require to make your event a memorable success.

Q: I own a small restaurant and was interested in the idea of live music, but I'm not sure if I can afford it. Do you negotiate?
A: Yes, we certainly are negotiable, especially with venues trying to start using live music. We can help to support you while you get things going, especially if you're thinking of booking us at an off-peak time such as a weeknight or weekday. Also we have been known to operate partially on a barter system with certain wineries and restaurants who have fed and watered us in exchange for a reduced fee. Please contact us with your ideas. Furthermore we do have enough bands and musicians in our talent pool to put together a regular weekly rotation or a similar system or it may suit you better to set up a residency for a certain band that fits perfectly with the vibe you're after.
Q: Haven't I seen members of your groups playing in such and such other band(s)?

A: We are all professional freelance musicians and therefore play in a number of active bands as well as picking up gigs in bands put together for specific functions or national tours. At Music Adelaide we choose from our bands and also from within our pool of musicians to tailor-make the ideal entertainment solution for you.

From within our pool we have members of The Transatlatics, The Shaolin Afronauts, Hiptones, Marmalade Circus, Mike Stewart Big Band, Eddie White's All Stars, Jon Hunt's Blue Devils, The Adelaide Art Orchestra and countless other bands you may have seen performing at events around Australia.